Quality Industrial Electronics

"Service Through Response"

Your Trusted Source for Industrial Electronic Repair

When leading firms need mission-critical repairs and rebuilds with short turnaround times, they trust Quality Industrial Electronics, Inc (QIE). Our well-structured approach towards industrial repair projects ensures that your equipment is handled using code-compliant techniques and skilled personnel. Our industrial electronic repair services are constantly evolving to keep pace with the latest high-tech equipment. If it's in the market, and parts are available we can get it repaired. Unlike other industrial repair service providers, we carry out all repair, assembly, and testing services in-house or advise you we are sourcing to a qualified vendor at the time of quotation. If costly downtime is a concern, we also handle rush orders.

Repair v/s Replacement

Given the current economic scenario, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to cut costs and maximize profits. Thus, it makes better business sense to get your equipment repaired than spend more than twice the amount to get it replaced. Of course, the critics would say that a new product comes with a valid warranty. Keeping this in mind, QIE offers a THREE-YEAR warranty on all standard industrial electronic repairs. Yes, that's the amount of confidence we have in our industrial electronic repair projects! QIE has a repair history on thousands of products and you can rest assured that if you have industrial repairs, we have likely handled it before. You can save thousands of dollars annually by opting for repair instead of replacement. Search our database for repair history on over 80,000 items.