QIE provides industrial electronic repair for a wide range of products and brands. Listed below are the ROBOTRON Products that we have repair history on. If there is something you're looking for, you can find it quickly by using the search box provided, or browse through the list. If you do not find the specific part number you are looking, we do offer a free repair evaluation for new items.

Part Number Description
419-0-284-01 HEAT CONTROLLER
453-0-114-02 191 TIMER BOARD
453-0-139-01 E3060B SCR CARD
453-0-517 1014A CTRL CARD
453-0-517-01 1014A CTRL CARD
453-0-630 PROBE MODULE
453-0-925-0 PCB
453-0-926-01 POWER SUPPLY BD
456-0-0062-01 SENTRY IV
473-0-0192-01 SCR FIRING CARD
473-0-0193-01 IGNITRON FIRING BD
473-0-0275-01 HEAT CONTROL BD
473-0-0313-01 120 CURR INP BD
473-0-0326-02 LOGIC BD
473-0-0327-01 METER LIGHT BD
473-0-0377-01 GATE BOARD
473-0-0410-01 VLT/CURR/GT BD
473-0-0425-01 350 WELD CONTROLLER BD
473-0-087-01 LOGIC BOARD
473-0-089-01 POWER BOARD
503-1-0325-03 INPUT MODULE
503-1-0326-03 OUTPUT MODULE
503-2-0289-01 WELD CONTROL SERIES 100
503-2-0316-03 S115 CONTROL
503-2-0316-04 S-115 CONTROLLER
503-2-215-51 3060 CTRL UNIT
503-3-0318-01 CONTROLLER
503-7-0306-0 SCR CONT SELECT
503-7-0306-01 SCR CONT SELECT
510-8-121-09 1015F WELDER
520-2-054-01 1130A CTRL UNIT